Suction Arms

Airbravo pantograph suction arms are the most simple and economical option in source-capture of fumes, odours, vapours, gases, dusts and other air pollutants emitted in the production environment.

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Airbox Portable Collectors - Downdraft Tables

Combine worker protection by at-source suction and work environment protection by the elimination of air pollutants through filtration units.

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Centralised Filtration Groups

High performance automatic dust collectors and filtration units. Specifically designed to function within centralized systems, they are divided into distinct families specialising in the treatment of different types and concentrations of air pollution and specific plant requirements.

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Vehicles' Exhaust Gas

The Airbravo Exhaust Gas product line was designed specifically to improve air quality and deal with extraction requirements in auto repair centres, garages and wherever engine testing is conducted.

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