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Knowing and choosing the right product.

From products for non-intensive applications to products for special applications, the AirbravoTM range is able to offer specific products for capturing and filtering at their source the pollutants resulting from the manufacturing and industrial processes.

EXTRACTION ARM: You need an extraction arm if you need a localized and pivoted collection system to cover a workspace. Available for hanging or standing installation on a wall, filtering unit or suction rail duct.

FILTERING MACHINE/PORTABLE DUST COLLECTORS: You need a filtering machine if in addition to the collection of pollutants at their source, filtration is also to be performed. The machines can be on wheels, thus managing to serve several workstations not at the same time. The AIRBOX model filtering machines are equipped with modular filters to allow the reduction of each type of environmental pollutant and the recirculation of air in the work environment.

DOWNDRAFT TABLE: You need a filtering table if you need a large working surface and constantly maintained under suction. The tables of the “Planco” AirbravoTM model can be equipped with a filtering system either with automatic or semi-automatic cleaning or with that of a disposable type.

SPECIAL PRODUCTS: Designed for very specific and industry-specific applications, they are made to solve problems that are not solved with extraction arms, filtering machines, portable dust collectors or downdraft tables.

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