The following general terms of sale shall be applied to all sales transactions between the firm AIRBRAVO Srl and its customers. Any exceptions must be agreed upon in advance with our Sales Department. The terms of supply, quantity and quality of the goods described on the order confirmations shall be regarded as fully accepted unless challenged within 2 days of receipt.


Packaging is included providing that it consists of cardboard boxes, any special or requested packaging shall be charged to the Customer


The date of delivery of the goods is to be agreed with the sales department of Airbravo Srl. Unless expressly agreed otherwise, delivery shall be ex Airbravo Srl warehouse, Rome. In the event of on-site delivery to be charged in the invoice, the merchandise shall be regarded as delivered ex Airbravo Srl warehouse. All transportation risks shall be the liability of the Purchaser.

The delivery date is intended as a guide only and is non-binding for the seller. Compensation for direct or indirect damages caused by delays in delivery shall therefore be precluded. Airbravo Srl reserves the right to reduce the quantities supplied and defer the delivery dates should Airbravo Srl or third parties be prevented from complying with the delivery dates and quantities owing to circumstances beyond their control. Any such event shall not grant the Customer the right to any damages or compensation of any kind.


Prices are net of VAT, delivery charges and any other cost that is not expressly stated as being at the expense of Airbravo Srl. Unless otherwise agreed, payment shall be in cash on delivery.

All payments, including the issue of cash orders shall be made at the Airbravo Srl headquar ters following issue of invoice. Immediate or deferred payments may not be delayed or suspended even in the event of disputes, claims or delays ascribable to Airbravo Srl or third parties. In case of delayed payment respect with what agreed upon, Airbravo Srl will be due, without need of default notice, delay interest equal to the highest actual “EURIBOR Rate” applied by EU Central Bankers, plus 8% (eight per cent).


Term of warranty: 12 months from the date of delivery for defects and faults, providing that the products have been employed for normal use, have not been altered and have been installed and used according to the installation, use and maintenance instructions. Filters and all other parts that are subject to wear are not covered by the warranty, whereas for the motor and other electrical parts, in no event may the warranty be longer than that of the supplier.

Airbravo Srl will repair or replace goods with manufacturing faults, which must be shipped using Airbravo’s approved courier service.

If the repairs are carried out on the Customer’s premises, the warranty shall cover reimbursement of the parts that Airbravo Srl acknowledges as defective and the cost of labour at the standard hourly rate at the time of the repair, providing that the repair work has been authorised in writing in advance by Airbravo’s Sales Department.

In no event shall the warranty cover travel expenses for the technical team should the repair work be carried out on the premises of the end customer. Fur thermore, the supplier shall be exempt from any obligation to provide reimbursement for maintenance downtime or any damages. It shall be the responsibility of the Customer to check the goods received before using them and/or before selling them to third parties.


All claims must be sent to Airbravo’s administrative headquarters within seven calendar days of the date of receipt of the merchandise by the purchaser. Any claims received after such term shall be regarded as void.

Loss or damage to goods must be disputed directly with the carrier by the Customer upon delivery of the goods in writing on the delivery note of the goods in transit. Airbravo Srl will not accept the return of goods unless agreed in advance with its sales department.
Airbravo Srl shall withhold 25% of the net value of returned goods as a handling charge for the returned goods themselves plus additional costs highlighted during the subsequent verification of the state of the materials.
The return will only entitle to a “purchase voucher” to be used within one year from the date of return and of the final value recognized by Airbravo Srl.


Unless otherwise specified, the goods are intended to use with a three-phase power supply at 400 V and 50 Hz. Any variants must be expressly requested and will be quoted for on a case by case basis.

Airbravo Srl reserves the right to change the technical specifications and dimensions of the products without prior warning.


For any disputes, the Court of Rome shall have jurisdiction. The place of signing of the contracts and payments by draft shall not affect the jurisdiction of the Court of Rome in all disputes